26/5/08 – First day working@Private beach club in Long Beach, NY

I worked with so many people today, whose names I can’t remember…really nice people. Had a warm shower today, getting used to  the ‘rustic chic’ of the hostel style accommodation. Didn’t fuck up on my first day, things seem to be done very efficiently and with good attitude bar the head chef Ricardo, who is a bit of a loose canon at times, but a really nice guy. Last night he came over and invited me to his trailer (!) for a drink/smoke/pizza/chat. Sounds dodgy! Nope! It was lovely to meet him and Tony..both chefs.

At first I thought the hours were crazy, with little or no breaks in between, but then I looked around and realized everyone’s on the same boat. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s okay, but softened the blow and reduced the chances of me just feeling sorry for myself. I realized I would be meeting the exact same people everyday for the next 3/4 months. At the time I thought it was sort of comforting and thought it would make work more bearable, because of the apparent sense of community. The residents themselves are okay, they are stinking rich and have more bucks than sense (haha more bucks than cents!). Their children are cheeky and condescending. I’m not too far away from Long Beach city, a bus ride away. But you don’t have time to spare when you’re working. I have to start saying goodbye to hour long lunch breaks like we have at home in Ireland. We’ve got it pretty sweet at home. I worked my fucking ass off today, got bitten by various bugs and tolerated little shits of kids. It better be worth it. The maitre d working the restaurant is hot stuff, reminds me of an ex boyfriend. My ex had rang me adys before I departed for NYC, he wished me the best. I will have the best tiems on my days off. I’m dying to go to Manhattan to see gigs/shop/art take it in.

I’m getting my passport doctored (it’s a widely accepted form of ID, especially from students on international Visas). I’ll do it myself! I’m afraid I’m gonna put on loads of weight while I’m over here: I ate pizza last night, pasta today and other wheat-y stuff. My stomach isn’t complaining so far, so why deprive myself?

I worked mainly on orders from 11am-6ish. We had a Memorial Day buffet for the members from 7pm-11pm, I bussed tables. Unfortunately we can’t drink at the bar here, it’s a ‘dry campus’. I need to get to work on doctoring my passport, I’d give my big toe for a gin and tonic!

The accommodation is dubbed ‘The Monkey House’, and rightly so, with over 20 Irish students taking up residence there every Summer. One time I came back and the guys bathroom had flooded into the living room. Another morning a homeless guy was asleep on the couch, with a distinct smell of piss in the room for weeks after. There was a handyman who lived in another part of the building who regularly came in and fixed us drinks of vodka and orange, which was nice! The PC is fucked, no stamps, envelopes or time off , so contact with the outside world is off limits for now.

Going to smoke a fag (or sorry, cigarette over here!)and apply ointment to my various bites…Slán go fóil. X


25/5/08 – The Journey over to NYC

Woke up around 4am (Irish time) got to the airport and checked in. I had breakfast in the caf with mam and dad. Mam was emotional, but I know she’ll be fine! The flight was a  total of 9 long hours. It was roughly 30 *c here when I arrived. Pat (assistant manager) collected me at arrivals and we sped off in his topless couper to Atlantic Beach Club. I was fucking ecstatic, the warm city breeze through my hair, in my nose and in my pores, yellow cabs, dangling traffic lights, many many lanes of traffic, so many colours, shapes , sounds, smells. It’s hard to believe I’m finally here. I am the first of many seasonal workers to arrive, and opening day is tomorrow at the beach club. 300 members will flock to enjoy their private cabanas and beach. I’m nervous but excited, at least I’ll have had a decent nights sleep. x

15/5/08 – Anticipation of J1

The date of departure is fast approaching, and I can’t fucking wait to get out of here. This bloody country, with it’s rain and depressing election moods. I’m voting Tayto for taoiseach! Met Niels at Eurovision party last Saturday night, who is a friend of Rick’s friend’s friend: the one with the amazing laugh! I feel like a million dollars around Rick, he makes me feel so good about myself and boosts my confidence. All I’ve been doing is enjoying myself and saying goodbye to people, and inevitably my bank balance is suffering due to certain indulgences. But fuck that shit, it’s only money, and (hopefully) I’ll make plenty of it this Summer. I just need to keep my nosey mother off my case. She will, no doubt, be reading all my mail while I’m out of the country. I love her, but that shit is out of order…. I’m very happy, a bit restless, excitement I guess. I had coffee with Dean today, it was pissing rain so neither of us were in the mood for talking. We drank coffee, smoked fags and moaned about the weather and why the fuck no-one has randomly given me a few grand to get sorted! Glad to see the back of these housemates(!?) more like house-people/things/animals/children. I swear they drove me outta my bloody mind with their mad accusations and paranoia. I emailed Paul Farley, he’s all ‘growed up’, working for Ernst and Young, has health insurance, ooh! Rick planning NYC for his 36th birthday (yeah , right!) He put me in contact with one of his journo mates from the city. Write Soon. X 

This is my first time in years Ive deided to keep a journal, I’ll just keep you posted on what goes down.