Second date with Sweaty Palms+Mr Chelsea+Punker

As you’ve guessed by this point , this blog is not in chronological order. I just pick bits here and there from beermats/journals/napkins. Here is an account of my second date with he who shall be known as SweatyPalms and an introduction to Mr Chelsea and Punker.

Second date with SweatyPalms was enjoyable. Nice wine/food and mediocre conversation. He is so generous and loves having me link his arm. I looked positively sexy tonight. He bought tickets to see the top of Empire State. It was breathtaking. His nervous hands rubbed my neck often and it annoyed me. He kisses like he’s looking for something in my mouth and has not got the best dress-sense. Handsome face but a bit childish and pompous. Perhaps it has something to do with his age and line of work; does he feel desperate?Is that why he over-reacts? Not sure how I feel about him. If my instincts serve me right: it seems that every time he spends money on a date, he is under the impression he is getting closer to sleeping with me. I am going to (try) and pull out before it gets complicated.

Tonight I’m meeting Mr Chelsea, another man with an air of self-importance, but I can deal with it, he has more substance, and a wealth of life-experience to talk about. We went to see a movie and had a meal. Mr Chelsea likes to be showered with compliments because it cranks up his ego that extra level. He is an impressive man (in almost all areas:including phenomenal love-making!), for a 45 year old man I was taken aback. He is outstanding and I don’t think he needs to be reminded of that.We walked down the piers together and young stupid guys honked their horns at us. The air was chilled as we looked over at the lights of Jersey City.


New York is the first place I have done the ‘multiple date’ thing. I soon realized that one can , at any one time, be ‘seeing’ several people.. For sophisticated, expensive, indulgent nights I have SweatyPalms, for fun and laughs I have Punker and booty-call, Mr Chelsea. These men know and understand what these ecounters are: casual and not exclusive. Is there really such a thing?Obviously, they are also dating other women, but we never talk about the ‘others’ when on dates. And in this town, it’s perfectly acceptable. Not what I’m used to, but I’m embracing the many encounters and the rush of excitement and freedom. The dating game is fun.


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